Kenwood Hybrid Rigs

Kenwood Hybrid rigs are are awesome. That is all.

Adventures in Linux & Ham Radio

A quick dive into the Linux software I use in the ham shack for rig control, digital modes, and logging.

My First HF Station

About 11 years or so ago I got my General license and went hunting for an HF radio online. Not knowing really anything about what I wanted I stumbled upon Jack KG6PX selling his TS-820s and my quick web research (as well as asking my friend Jim N3VJ) led to believe this probably a good […]

CW DX Contest

Strictly speaking, I am not good at morse code when running at contest speed. But Fldigi is, and so I participated. I CAN at least recognize my callsign at that speed, so making some progress. Equipment was Yaesu FT-450D, Winkeyer, Fldigi, N1MM+ (running in Wine). 100w output through a MyAntenna EFHW Antenna in an inverted […]


Hello amateurs. This will be KB3LYB’s amateur radio blog page. 73