ATU-100 Build

Recently built an ATU-100 auto antenna tuner purchased from AliExpress (which means low prices, questionable product, and two months shipping times). I have been largely pleasantly surprised with this tuner, despite the directions being somewhat subpar. It is a ubiquitous enough kit that there are many web posts detailing various aspects of the build, the […]

Coming posts

I haven’t posted in a while and I have a backlog of items I plan to do some in depth writeups about. Just off the top of my head, here are the kits I have build that I plan to do reviews of: I also have finally been focusing on learning CW and took the […]

QRP Labs Ultimate 3S WSPR Transmitter

I’ve been having a blast with QRP Labs Ultimate 3S WSPR Transmitter kit. I highly recommend the TXCO module, GPS module, and every low pass filter band kit that your antenna supports. Seeing what I can do with 200 milliwatts has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this hobby. It’s especially useful to […]