Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been racking up awards as a POTA hunter. Now that I have an FT-857D and Wolf River Coil portable antenna, I supposed I better go activate a park sometime.

KC9VKV Audio Tuning

Got some audio advice for my Yaesu FTDX10 from Jim Fergusson KC9VKV on his Friday afternoon radio show. Very helpful guy and this is a great service he provides for radio amateurs.

Worked W7HU Alex on YouTube Live-stream

What a great way to hear the audio from my new FTDX10. Thanks and 73, Alex

Applied to Breezeshooters

I participated in and applied to join to Breezeshooters last night. Now that I have a radio where I can really pull out weak signals, 10m groundwave is actually a possibility for me. To join, you must make confirmed contact with 10 members following the net. And because I clearly get a lot of use […]

CQ WPX SSB Contest

I had a pretty good run on the CW WPX SSB contest. Only 40 contacts but I have a really good excuse, on Saturday we took a drive out to DX Engineering in Ohio and picked up a Yaesu FTDX10! I am loving this radio so far and will have a blog entry/review on it […]

2021 SSB DX Map
2021 ARRL Phone International DX Contest

2021 ARRL SSB DX Contest

Kenwood Hybrid Rigs

Kenwood Hybrid rigs are are awesome. That is all.

Adventures in Linux & Ham Radio

A quick dive into the Linux software I use in the ham shack for rig control, digital modes, and logging.

My First HF Station

About 11 years or so ago I got my General license and went hunting for an HF radio online. Not knowing really anything about what I wanted I stumbled upon Jack KG6PX selling his TS-820s and my quick web research (as well as asking my friend Jim N3VJ) led to believe this probably a good […]