ATU-100 Build

Recently built an ATU-100 auto antenna tuner purchased from AliExpress (which means low prices, questionable product, and two months shipping times). I have been largely pleasantly surprised with this tuner, despite the directions being somewhat subpar. It is a ubiquitous enough kit that there are many web posts detailing various aspects of the build, the […]

Coming posts

I haven’t posted in a while and I have a backlog of items I plan to do some in depth writeups about. Just off the top of my head, here are the kits I have build that I plan to do reviews of: I also have finally been focusing on learning CW and took the […]

QRP Labs Ultimate 3S WSPR Transmitter

I’ve been having a blast with QRP Labs Ultimate 3S WSPR Transmitter kit. I highly recommend the TXCO module, GPS module, and every low pass filter band kit that your antenna supports. Seeing what I can do with 200 milliwatts has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this hobby. It’s especially useful to […]

W3EXW Echolink Setup

Introduction I’ve been working on setting up an Echolink node for the North Hills Amateur Radio club W3EXW repeater on 147.090MHz in the Pittsburgh area. This blog post is a record primarily for myself in case I need to do this again (or anyone else in the club if I accidentally touch the finals on […]


Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been racking up awards as a POTA hunter. Now that I have an FT-857D and Wolf River Coil portable antenna, I supposed I better go activate a park sometime.

KC9VKV Audio Tuning

Got some audio advice for my Yaesu FTDX10 from Jim Fergusson KC9VKV on his Friday afternoon radio show. Very helpful guy and this is a great service he provides for radio amateurs.

Worked W7HU Alex on YouTube Live-stream

What a great way to hear the audio from my new FTDX10. Thanks and 73, Alex

Applied to Breezeshooters

I participated in and applied to join to Breezeshooters last night. Now that I have a radio where I can really pull out weak signals, 10m groundwave is actually a possibility for me. To join, you must make confirmed contact with 10 members following the net. And because I clearly get a lot of use […]

CQ WPX SSB Contest

I had a pretty good run on the CW WPX SSB contest. Only 40 contacts but I have a really good excuse, on Saturday we took a drive out to DX Engineering in Ohio and picked up a Yaesu FTDX10! I am loving this radio so far and will have a blog entry/review on it […]

2021 SSB DX Map
2021 ARRL Phone International DX Contest

2021 ARRL SSB DX Contest